Steve Chiodi

Steve Chiodi(Lead & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), Sagittarius

Some people call him Steve Peyote. Some people don’t call him at all. But there is one fact. No one can call him “rookie.” By age the oldest Menu, Stephen A. Chiodi has logged more hours on his fingertips than your average working guitar player. Steve strapped on his six string as a Menu on April 10, 1997 at Ludlows bar in Columbus. But this is really only the tip of the iceberg. When asked about his first professional job, he chuckles a bit and shares, “I was nine and played at a birthday party for the girl next door for twelve bucks and some ice cream. That’s the truth” he swore, laughing louder now. Not too shabby considering Steve strummed his first chord three years earlier, at the tender age of six. From there, he continued to master his craft, practicing all the time. Steve jammed in garages of friends, with guys at school, anywhere to perfect his chops and his sound. After graduating from Purcell High School in Cincinnati and a brief run at the University of Cincinnati, Steve became a full time guitar player. Along with assorted studio work, Steve was a long time member of the Blades (yes, the same one Jimi had a short stint with; they’ve been in two bands together and haven’t killed each other yet!), Babyface, Ice, and was musical director for Jam Factor at the Waterfront on the Ohio River in 1994. Steve also led a group for two years gigging at the Hard Rock Café in Acapulco. Steve has talked guitar and guitar techniques with many famous players, including Neal Schon from Journey.

When asked who his favorite guitar player of all time might be, there is absolutely no hesitation. “Eddie Van Halen” he quips. And for those of you who have witnessed him play, you will immediately recognize the influence. Steve’s ability to have his guitar sound as it needs to sound for any song or situation is also a wonderful addition to his playing talents. Anyone in The Menus would rightfully agree.