John Stanley (Lighting Technician, Visual Effects Supervisor)

John Stanley

When asked how he got the nickname "Johnny Love", the youngest player on The Menus' roster can only smirk. " I don't know what you're talking about" he later says, tongue protruding deep in his cheek. Sexual prowess aside, John M. Stanley's contributions to The Menus' operation are irreplaceable. Not only does he run the wonderful light show, but his artistic and creative talents shine through as well. John, a North College Hill High School graduate, has designed and penned numerous Menus' T-shirts, a cartoon spoof a few years back being one of the most popular. He is also the brains behind many stage effects such as smoke, unique lighting patterns, and even bubbles when the time is right.

John wasn't always a member of The Menus. As a matter of fact, becoming one was rather accidental. After their regular soundman left them high and dry in 1997, new soundman Mike Kunz needed help with the setup and transport of The Menus stage show. Calling on his friend John for assistance, a unique bond was formed. John began helping move and set up equipment and since the lighting position was now vacated by Kunz, the eager John Stanley filled in until the band hired someone else. They never did. John's natural ability and willingness to learn earned him his new title quickly. The band couldn't be happier. Unless they could share how he got his nickname.........but they won't.