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Brandon RyanAs the years come and go, so do many interesting, frightening, and often comical adventures associated with the travels of a regional rock band. As a part time writer and also a central participant of these chaotic events, I share these stories, in the hope you may somehow get the sense of being there with us, experiencing them as we do. Although a natural writer's embellishment and sense of exaggeration may be used for enhancement, I assure you, all these stories are true.

I have added some editorial and personal opinion segments as well and maybe a few other surprises just for fun. I hope you get as much pleasure reading them, as I have had writing and re-living them.

Brandon Ryan

Latest Work:

Fission Well
Stereos of All Types

Past Works:

Our Van, Our Friend
Check This Out
Blood and Wine
It's Worth it, We Swear
Survival of the Un-Fittest
Hold the Door, Please
Cursed?...or Blessed?
An Important Message...
It's Nothing Fancy
The Curse of Room 150 (Part 1)
The Curse of Room 150 (Part 2)
We Call 'em "Virgins"
Supply Hut
Double Dribble

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