Jimi Orwig

Jimi Orwig(Keyboards, Vocals), Aquarius

To the outsider:

James G. Orwig grew up in a little town north of Cincinnati called Norwood, OH. Norwood is only a short drive from Corryville. Corryville is where during the earlier days, The Menus performed on a regular basis. Jimi used to drive from Norwood to Corryville on a regular basis. Jimi from Norwood met The Menus in Corryville. Jimi joined The Menus.

Maybe it wasn’t quite that simple, but you get the picture. Jimi did indeed become an official Menu in the summer of 1989. But that was certainly not the first band with whom he has worked. Maybe some of you older folks may remember some of Jimi’s groups from years back. Top 40 groups such as Target, Celebration, a short run with the Blades, and a handful of others, all playing the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky circuit. Jimi is a seasoned veteran, and has the resume to prove it.

“My first grade teacher sat me at a piano for the first time” he recalls, but unsure of the song she tried to teach him. From there Jimi continued his love for the ivory from toddler to adolescent, from adolescent to adult. He graduated from Norwood High School, as a talented keyboard player, but also now discovering his unique singing voice as well. From George Jones to Robert Plant, Jimi could cover them all, Led Zeppelin being one of his favorites. His keyboard passion is not just restricted to playing them, but he’s an avid collector as well. His basement is full of equipment he has acquired over the years, from the old Fender Rhodes to his beautiful Hammond B3. He enjoys the variety of sounds and styles of them all, as well as their history, and spends much of his free time at home “playing with his toys”. He is also diehard NBA fan. And maybe unexpectedly on some warm spring or summer day, you just might see Jimi riding around Edgewood, KY (where he now resides) on another one of his prized possessions. His Harley Sportster. If you do, give him a wave, and he’ll smile right at ya.

From an insider:

  • Hmmmmmm……. let’s think for a minute….oh yeah. A cell phone user, likes to talk on it quite a bit. Loquacious in general, really. Makes us glad he’s a cell phone user.
  • Picky about his food. Likes it very, very spicy. “Tears of joy”, he calls ‘em.
  • Jimi is a tad bizarre. If you look up bizarre in the dictionary, you will find the definition of bizarre. There is no picture of Jimi there. It’s a fucking dictionary. People you happen to know do not have their faces listed next to the noun or verb that may apply to them. God, why does everyone continue to use that tattered phrase?
  • Likes his stage clothes shiny. Often mistaken for a bike at night.

Tale of the Tape

Liver status: Does not drink
Male pattern baldness report card: C+
Age: Once bought beer for Jessica Tandy
Road etiquette and contribution: To the gig: Excellent. Good. Doesn’t snore much and keeps his shoes on.
From the gig: Excellent. The best. Drives home every night. Incredible tolerance of drunken band members consistently being idiots. (see liver status of Tim, Brandon, and Jimmi)