Adam Scovanner

Adam Schovanner(Bass Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals), Gemini

To the outsider:

Born and raised in Loveland, OH, Adam C. Scovanner comes from a musical family. Both of his parents are graduates of the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, OH and his grandfathers both worked as professional musicians in their early years. On his 8th birthday Adam received his first instrument - a shiny, brass King cornet - and proceeded to excel as a trumpeter, winning the John Phillip Sousa award as a junior in high school. As a senior, he was selected by eventual Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart to become a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra. But ultimately, he was destined to make a career with his other instrument.....the bass guitar.

Adam accompanied his father - also a bass player - to various pop, rock and horn-band jobs and rehearsals from an early age and was immediately intrigued by the idea of "being in a band." He brought home his first bass guitar from a flea market at age 11 and proceeded to perfect his skills at full volume, often at the expense of those taking piano lessons from his mother in their home. Adam started playing professionally at age 19 in Cincinnati with his first band, Out Of The Blue, making extra money while attending business school at Miami University. He quickly discovered that a job in bass-guitaring was more appealing than one in accounting. After a brief stint in Nashville, TN during the pop-country craze of the mid-1990's, Adam returned to Ohio and began to assemble an impressive resumè which includes some of the area's most well-known bands: The Goshorn Brothers, The Bluebirds, Marsha Brady, Kelly Red & the Hammerheads, The Airwave Band, Forehead, SwimSuitModels, and finally in 2013, The Menus. He also plays with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra's "Boogie Band" for small-ensemble pops shows and freelances at studios in Ohio and Kentucky for recording sessions.

Adam endorses Lakland bass guitars and Eden bass amplification.

From an insider:

  • Housebroken - has an exceptional knack for doing dishes and laundry. Despite technically always having been male, he never forgets the fabric softener.
  • Known to experiment with the color of his hair from time to time; has not yet requested that the band learn any P!nk or Blondie songs.
  • Believes that every time he buys a piece of gear an angel gets its wings. At the time of this writing, owns 12 bass guitars, 16 effect pedals and 4380 total watts of amplification. Can often be found wandering around concert venues asking if anyone happens to have an extra extension cord.

Tale of the Tape

Liver status: "Got milk thistle?"
Male pattern baldness report card: B+
Age: He was 10 when The Menus played their first gig. We don't really like him, actually.
Road etiquette and contribution: To the gig: If the driver asks for directions, he'll try to be helpful and provide an answer, even if he doesn't know where we're going. 
From the gig: Very good. Always quick with a sensitive lyrical quote (see: Peter Cetera) when anyone needs to "talk about something."